About Us

We are a small British, independent shop located in Surrey, United Kingdom, specialising in designing and creating luxury handmade soaps.


We have been making soaps for almost twenty years, using the traditional cold process method.

We make all of our artisan products from scratch, in small batches, using carefully selected ingredients designed to gently pamper your skin and, which wherever possible, are sustainably sourced.

We feel lucky to be able to work with so many luxurious ingredients and have chosen not to use animal products, palm oil, or SLS.

We are passionate about handmade soaps and our mission is to make a soap that is mild, luxurious, beautifully scented and is also aesthetically pretty. 

To this end, each bar is hand cut, carefully hand finished and hand wrapped.  Each bar is our own work of art.

Our products have been certified by a qualified toxicological chemist in accordance with UK and EU regulations regarding the sale of cosmetics.

This ensures that all our products are made to the highest standards and are safe to use.