Hello! Our website is currently undergoing maintenance.  We will be back with a new look in August 2019.  Thank you for your patience! Do check our Instagram page (link at the bottom of the page) for new soaps and please feel free to email me in the meantime if you wish to buy any.

Welcome to our luxury range of natural handmade soaps, and bath and body treats.

All of our products contain a luxury element be it in the form of avocado oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, natural additives or sometimes all of those together.

We make all of our artisan products from scratch, in small batches, using carefully selected ingredients designed to gently pamper your skin.

Our formulations are our own and are the result of hours of formulating, testing and tweaking, again and again, until we are happy and confident with the end result.

We are passionate about handmade soaps and our mission is to make a soap that is mild, luxurious, beautifully scented and is also aesthetically pretty.

To this end, each bar is hand cut and carefully hand finished, each bar is our own work of art.



Artisan Soaps

Explore our luxurious soaps, made from scratch, using the finest ingredients.

Bath & Body

Sumptuous handmade bath & body treats.

Luxury Gift Box

A beautiful box of handmade soaps, perfect for that special gift.