About Us

We are a small artisan business based in the Surrey Hills specialising in designing and creating luxury handmade soaps and bath produtcs.   

We are particularly addicted to the magical and creative process of  soapmaking and are driven by the desire to create beautiful, high quality products.  

We feel lucky to be able to work with so many  luxurious ingredients and we do not use animal products, parabens or Sodium Laurel Sulphate.


About Our Products


Hello! Our website is currently undergoing maintenance.  We will be back with a new look in August 2019.  Thank you for your patience! Do check our Instagram page (link at the bottom of the page) for new soaps and please feel free to email me in the meantime if you wish to buy any.

We make all of our products from scratch, entirely by hand, using as many natural ingredients as possible.

Our soaps are made in small batches using a base of pure vegetable oils where the main ingredient is olive oil.

Each and every bar is cut and finished by hand, hence the slight variations in colour and shape that you may notice. No two bars are the same even when they come from the same batch.

Our products have been certified by a qualified toxicological chemist in accordance with UK and EU regulations regarding the sale of cosmetics.

This ensures that all our products are made to the highest standards and are safe to use.